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With no accurate means of comparison, the typical circumcised man does not know what he is missing. A man, colorblind from birth and thinking his sight is normal, might also never question his condition. However, as a man ages, he loses sensitivity of the penis. Many men have difficulty achieving sufficient stimulation to reach orgasm. The foreskin is a definite asset in maintaining this sensitivity. Foreskin restoration is a logical process of returning the penis to as close to its original condition as possible. However, it can be frustrating, time-consuming and care must be taken not to use undue force.


  • Restoration is easy, simple, cheap, and hardly noticeable when done correctly.
  • Once restoration is complete, the restored foreskin covers and protects the glans and its urethral opening, in the flaccid state.
  • Some restored men report they feel less vulnerable once their glans is covered.
  • Restoration recreates the moist environment in which nature meant the glans to reside.
  • Restoration de-keratinizes the glans, converting insensitive dry skin to the original, sensitive, moist tissue.
  • Restoration reduces tension on the penile skin, which may allow for greater length of the penis in both the flaccid and erect state.
  • Even partial restoration (a few months) allows the skin to be more relaxed, so that it does not abrade or tear on erection.


  • Nocturnal erections may become more comfortable.
  • The increased mobility of the penile shaft skin allows the corona to be stimulated by subtle, sensual movements that intact, natural men know to be pleasurable.
  • Restoration helps to retain pre-ejaculatory fluid, nature‚Äôs natural lubricant.
  • Restoration restores the natural gliding mechanism of intercourse.
  • Restoration allows the shaft skin to relax so that pubic hair remains on the pubis, where it belongs.
  • Some restorers feel it looks healthier and more normal to be intact.
  • Restoration shows resourcefulness, an accomplishment of which the restorer can be proud.
  • Restoration is psychologically empowering to the man who feels something was taken from him (which, of course, it was), allowing him to reclaim his natural inheritance.

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